In order to achieve a perfect marriage between an artwork and its frame, it is of the upmost importance that all the aesthetic elements be deeply considered. Form, scale, color and texture should all play a supportive, yet not overwhelming role in viewing the work. If the frame is telling a different story than the painting, the end result will be visually cluttered and ultimately prevent the artwork from being experienced in its fullness. 

We have a gallery of exquisite period frames from which may draw on to match or create the perfect frame with an expert balance for each unique work of art.  

Diego Salazar can also survey the frames in your collection. This can be a wonderful way of learning about important frames in your collection, and designating which artworks might be candidates for reframing. Sometimes a good but inappropriate frame for a painting might be an excellent choice for another painting in your collection that is also in need of reframing; a frame survey can help curators and collectors make better use of their existing frame resources.